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Lizards in florida,With more than 7,000 species, lizards are a diverse group of squamate reptiles that may be found on all continents except for Antarctica and on the majority of oceanic island chains. Although some lizards are more closely related to these two excluded species than they are to other lizards, the group is paraphyletic because it excludes snakes and Amphisbaenia. The Komodo dragon is a 3-meter-long lizard, while chameleons and geckos are only a few centimeters long.

The majority of lizards run vigorously in a side-to-side manner as quadrupeds. Some lineages (known as “legless lizards”) have lengthy snake-like bodies but have subsequently lost their legs. Some lizards, like the Draco who lives in the forest, have the ability to glide.

Lizards make use of a variety of antipredator adaptations, including venom, camouflage, reflex bleeding, and the ability to sacrifice and regrow their tails.



Caiman Lizard


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